New Zealand Native Growing-On-Line Plants

We supply a wide range of growing-on-line native plant species from Astelia to Xeronema in the following grades.

Seed    1000+   Various prices per gram
Seedlings    1000+   $0.13c each
Mini Plugs    100+   $0.35c each
Cell Plugs    100+   $0.65c each
Roottrainers Hillson 0.6L    40+   $1.25c each
Roottrainers Tinus 1.5L    20+   $2.50c each
Planterbag PB3    15+   $6.00 each
Planterbag PB5    10+   $8.00 each

We supply plant material and all biological materials for traditional Maori Rongoa remedies. Kiwi Herbs Ltd.

For a list of plants currently available please click on the following link to our Surplus Plant list.

Supply subject to availability

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